imageHarsh GahlautFinEdge AdvisoryDelhi
  Doubling their AuM every year for last 5 years
In the 5 years since its inception, FinEdge has doubled its AuM and revenue every year, and looks set to maintain, if not accelerate this pace going forward. With an AuM of Rs.200 crores, over 22,000 SIPs, over 40,000 clients from 500 locations across India, FinEdge has evolved from a refreshing start-up that challenges status quo, to a mainstream financial advisory firm that is redefining this business. And this, Harsh believes is only the start – as he sets his sights on 100,000 SIPs in the next 5 years

Premature redemptions are directly linked to how funds are sold
FinEdge serves over 30,000 clients spread over 200 cities across India, through a phone and web based financial planning proposition. How can such a proposition “hold a client’s hand” in volatile times like these, to help them stay on track?

  This business model is an eye-opener for financial planners
Here’s a financial planning firm that is still only in its 3rd year of business, but already has over 31,000 fee paying clients from 220 cities across the country, with over 10,000 live monthly SIPs/STPs. How many offices do you think they must have set up across the country? Just one – in Delhi! How’s that for Thinking BIG? Meet the new age financial planning firm – FinEdge Advisory, an exciting new advisory firm set up by three ex-bankers, Harsh Gahlaut, Mayank Bhatnagar and Annirudha Bose.