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Shyam Sundar, Peak Alpha, Bangalore has built a highly scalable financial advisory business by creating robust processes and adopting smart technology to enable his 20 member team to deliver seamless and consistent advice to over 1000 families.

Liquid funds are a slam dunk for retail investors
Peak Alpha is one of Bangalore's fast growing advisory firms, with a sharp focus on the booming corporate salary segment. Their education led customer acquisition strategy ensures that their clients have a clear plan in place and a strategy behind every investment they make, rather than portfolios that are nothing more than a collection of opportunistically made investments. Wealth Forum asked Shyam to articulate which of the retail debt categories he finds useful for this clients and how he actually positions them in these well crafted plans. Here is how Shyam positions liquid funds, FMPs and MIPs in his client portfolios. Read on to understand how you can enhance your AuM from your existing clients by positioning retail debt funds the way Shyam and his team at Peak Alpha do.