imgbd Why Tarakki Champions?

Amar Shah, Head of Retail Business, ICICI Prudential MF

Raghav articulated the essence of tarakki and how we have embraced the concept of "progress through proficiency" in every aspect of our business. As he says, "As we keep becoming more proficient in everything we do, we find ourselves able to harness the full potential of growth opportunities that are out there; we find ourselves building scalable, sustainable business models." This is true for any business or profession - be it fund management, retail distribution, wealth advisory etc.

We undertake many initiatives aimed at enabling our distribution partners to build robust, scalable business models, and remain committed to this philosophy. While we may do our bit, there is equally a lot that you can learn and imbibe from each other. Towards this end, we have taken two steps in association with Wealth Forum:

  1. Tarakki Champions annual awards: We instituted the Tarakki Champions annual awards, which recognize all round, long term business excellence across all distribution segments. For this purpose, Wealth Forum takes business achievement at an industry level of all ARN holders over a 3 year period, across all metrics that indicate robust all round growth including net sales, growth in live folios, growth in live SIPs and growth in SIP book. Tarakki Champions are recognized across 9 zones for the IFA segment and separate awards are given (1 each for the regional distributor, national distributor and bank categories). These awards shine a spotlight on distributors who have grown their business by exhibiting proficiency across all business metrics - who have grown the tarakki way. They are the true Tarakki Champions and serve as inspirations for everyone to emulate and imbibe from.

  2. Tarakki Champions platform: This dedicated microsite on the Wealth Forum platform is an idea sharing platform where Wealth Forum will engage with these winners as well as those who did exceedingly well to finish at the top 2-3 positions of their respective league tables, and ask them to share their tarakki stories with you.

I do hope insights shared by these Tarakki Champions with Wealth Forum, will give you valuable perspectives on how you too can "progress through proficiency" - how you too can become a true Tarakki Champion.

All the best, and wish you Tarakki!

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