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India’s 10 wisest advisors
The jury has completed its evaluation of entires for the Wise Advice Case Competition 2017 - here are the top 10 - the 10 wisest advisors in India

India's most challenging competition for financial adivors is back!
HDFC MF and Wealth Forum announce the Wise Advice Case Competition, 2017. Here is your chance to showcase and firmly establish your advisory credentials. Be adjudged as India's wisest advisor, by the advisory fraternity, and add a huge feather in your cap when presenting your credentials to clients and prospects!

Were you part of the herd or the wise few?
A year ago, accrual funds came under tremendous pressure due to credit downgrades in a couple of high profile names. Mister Bond counselled equanimity and patience even as media was busy writing an epitaph for accrual funds, prompting widespread advisor concern. A year down the road, Mister Bond presents hard data that showcases clearly the wisdom of taking a calm, objective and rational view rather than getting carried away by media hype.

My 8 failures
At the recently concluded FIFA annual conference, one of the most interesting and riveting success stories shared was not of successes – but failures. 8 failures to be precise. Shrikant Bhagavat took participants through his 8 big failures, what each failure taught him and how he has built today a strong, process driven and highly respected financial advisory practice, by learning from these failures.

Best way to generate advisor alpha
In the 4th and concluding part of his series on equity advice, Sunil showcases how advisors can add that critical element of advisor alpha above the manager alpha that fund managers generate. A recurring theme across his equity series is the need for advisors to proactively track macros and valuations and take proactive rebalancing action in times of market extremes.

This email helped my client and me immensely
Ashish Modani shares a recent email exchange with a client - an exchange which gives us rich perspectives on how to deal with client worries as markets scale new highs - not just in terms of what to say, but also how to put your point across

Don’t fall for the “long term” argument
Don’t get swayed by “long term outlook” statements, equally don’t get swayed by just one valuation metric. Sunil suggests considering and regularly tracking three popularly available valuation metrics and how you can deliver much better investor performance for your clients by using them judiciously.

Mr. Bond’s data suggests likely equity returns over next 3 years
Continuing his new series of articles on equity investing, Mr. Bond draws an interesting observation from patters in 10 yr Sensex rolling returns and equity performance thereafter.

Mr. Bond’s 3 wise suggestions on equity fund selection
In this new series on equity investing, Sunil starts with the idea that knowing what not to do will help you win half the battle in selecting the right equity funds for your clients.

You should never invest in mutual funds
“You should never invest in mutual funds” – that’s exactly what I tell investors – and they love it! So I, a mutual fund distributor, am sharing this message with all my fellow distributors across the country – please go and tell your investors and prospects the same thing – “You should never invest in mutual funds”.

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