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The most iconic wealth creation book of all times
It’s not a book about stock picking or market analysis. It’s a book that shows you the way to create massive wealth for yourself, in whichever profession or trade you choose for yourself. It is a book that was first written some 80 years ago, but its 13 key principles continue to resonate even today – such is the timelessness of its wisdom. “Think and Grow Rich” is indeed a must read for every financial advisor, every investor, every professional, every businessman – every individual who makes wealth creation his goal.

Learn to pay yourself first!
David Bach, author of the ‘Automatic Millionaire’ is a veritable demonstration of the American dream. He is the pied piper who has attracted millions across the world to his principle of small savings with big effects. His advice is very simple and can be implemented by just about anybody: he says if you really want to become rich, learn to pay yourself first!

The best advisor for financial advisors
Nick Murray, an ace financial advisor himself, is one of the most prolific authors and speakers in the US – much sought after by financial advisors as well as investors. He recently completed 50 years in the profession of financial advice, writing, speaking and advising advisors and investors.

The 21 day financial fast
We begin a new series with a novel concept introduced by Michelle Singletary – Washington Post’s nationally syndicated personal finance columnist, whose column called “Color of Money” is carried by more than 100 newspapers across the US. She calls this concept the “21 day financial fast” and has written a book on this as well in 2014

The world’s smartest billionaire
He is known as the “Quant King” in the world of global hedge funds, and a pioneer of what we now know as quantitative research or quant based investing. His net worth is estimated at US$ 16.5 billion, which gives him the 50th position in the Forbes list of richest people in the world. In 2006, Financial Times named him the “world’s smartest billionaire”.

Naval commando makes it to world’s top 10 fund managers list
In 2015, Andreas Halvorsen was rated 9th best hedge fund manager in the world by Institutional Investors Alpha. He oversees a US$ 27 billion equity portfolio at Viking Global Investors, a firm he founded in 1999 that is very active in the long-short equity space.

From arbitrage operator to hedge fund king
Kenneth Griffin, born in 1968, was a teenage investment prodigy. He began his investment career while still in college at Harvard. From managing one million dollars in 1987, Ken Griffin today runs one of the world’s largest and most successful hedge funds – Citadel LLC, with assets in excess of US$ 25 billion. Ken Griffin is reckoned as one of the best performing hedge fund managers in the world in the last decade.

Wise advice from the father of value investing
Fund managers around the world – from Warren Buffet downwards, have learnt the art and science of value investing from Benjamin Graham and his seminal books on the subject of value investing. But, there’s more to Graham than security analysis and understanding and valuing stocks.

Great lessons from Europe’s Warren Buffet
Francisco Garcia Parames is known as the ‘European Warren Buffet’, and with good reason. He has been one of the most sought after money managers in the world, managing nearly 8 billion euros worth of assets, until he left the firm Bestinver in 2014.

The secret of becoming really wealthy
Ken Fisher is one of the most successful investment managers in the US, and also among the wealthiest Americans. His primary belief is that it is the pursuit of passion and not pursuit of wealth that actually creates wealth.

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