Your Voice Date: 30-03-2016
Why are Ifa Associations not taking legal recourse?
Name : Srikanth Matrubai Firm Name : Srikavi Wealth
ARN No : 51423 City : Bangalore
See the problem as I see it is this....
Not all IFAs have understood fully the gravity of this Commission disclosure fully.
Neither have the IFA Association.
Only a few visionaries like Sanjay Khatri not only foresaw what has happened long back but also able to see that our Bread & Butter is now like a Shrinking Pouch with no filling in and is on the way in becoming ZERO.

It is a shame that IFA ASSOCIATIONs are just taking cosmetic measures (after all their Annual meets too are sponsored by AMCs) against these measures.

Why don't these People have guts to file not only an RTI asking for break up on expenses of Direct Plans vis  a vis Advertisements & office expenses but also be bold enough to file a case against the Regulator showing the Court of Law the injustice meted out to IFAs compared to Insurance Agents

I an sure the Regulator will get a tight slap by the Courts!

So now, who will "bell the cat"?????