Your Voice Date: 10-06-2017
STP Weightage by AMCs
Name : Vikas Gupta Firm Name : Self
ARN No : 25367 City : Rohtak
I want to draw attention of some AMCs on STPs. I have been attending a lot of Fund Managers Con call on various Topics of different AMCs & there is a common conclusion which I have found that money should be invested in Equity funds in a staggered manner & the best option is STPs whether Daily or Weekly depending upon the amount of transfer. AMCs have taken a lot of initiatives to spread the awareness of disciplined investments by way of SIPs & almost every AMC has been running SIP Drives for IFAs too. but I am sorry to write that some AMCs don't give any weightage to STPs into equity funds.
I want to draw their attention to the facts that they are not rewarding the IFAs who are advising their Customers to invest through STP mode which has been concluded more preferred route than SIP for Investors.