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  Is India really experiencing jobless growth?
Jobless growth: it’s a term that makes economists cringe, makes fund managers worry and causes sleepless nights for any Government in power. Jobless growth refers to economic growth without commensurate growth in jobs – which means rising unemployment, rising social tensions, widening gulf between the haves and the have-nots, slowdown in consumption with rising unemployment and therefore an economic growth that’s not finally sustainable in the long run.

FAANG stocks: biggest bubble or biggest opportunity?
FAANG is the acronym for the group of tech mega–cap stocks that are have been rocking global markets on the upside in recent years and some believe, are now threatening to rock them the other way around.

  The 6 lakh crore problem that’s dragging our economy down
Ballooning non-performing assets (NPA) of banks are fast becoming a millstone around the neck of the sputtering Indian economy. The sectors which have the highest NPAs are aviation, textiles, telecom, power, infrastructure and mining sectors, owed mostly to government owned banks. Even if 50% of the over 6 lakh crores of NPAs are to be finally written off as is expected, that’s equal to the size of the country’s annual fiscal deficit – which means recapitalizing banks to that extent is not going to happen in a hurry.

5 tools & ideas to educate your clients effectively
To successfully implement the principles of ‘Teach to Grow’ you must have some strategies and tools which can help you to reach to your clients and prospects effectively. Let me share few most effective and influential tools which IFAs/MFDs can use to educate the clients and prospect to grow the business. This list is not exhaustive but these are the tools which comes to my head first when it comes to Education Based marketing.

  6 tips to overcome IAP stage fear
Following his earlier 2 articles on the need for conducting IAPs as a growth strategy and the importance of delivering IAPs yourself, in this article Jigar covers how to overcome the biggest hurdle that prevents IFAs from conducting their own IAPs: stage fear.

How to deliver successful IAPs yourself
Jigar kick-started Saturday School’s Teach To Grow initiative with a very thought provoking piece Grow your business the Baba Ramdev way. Taking this idea forward, he now shares how to deliver successful IAPs on your own – without the need for an outside speaker to engage your clients.

  Grow your IFA business the Baba Ramdev way
One of the finest examples of Teach To Grow in India is Baba Ramdev and his Patanjali empire. Jigar Parekh says IAPs are for IFAs what yoga camps are for Patanjali.

Saturday School announces an exciting new initiative: Teach To Grow
Saturday School announces an exciting new initiative: Teach To Grow

  Zero income tax: pipe dream or next big idea after demonetization?
Its Budget time again, and as usual, speculation is rife on how income tax slabs will be tinkered with and how tax rates will be recalibrated – that is usually the central focus on the Budget for all salaried people. What if there is a proposal to completely abolish income tax? Seems impossible?

New phenomenon wipes out $ 1 trillion from global markets in just 15 days
A new word has been coined to explain a phenomenon that’s already wiped out over $ 1 trillion from the US bond market and threatens to burst the global bond bubble, with major consequences across global debt and equity markets. The MSCI Emerging Markets Equity Index slid over 6% in just 15 days, starting a day after the US voted in its new President, and Indian markets too fell in tandem. The word that every market needs to now get familiar with: Trumpflation.

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