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  Zero income tax: pipe dream or next big idea after demonetization?
Its Budget time again, and as usual, speculation is rife on how income tax slabs will be tinkered with and how tax rates will be recalibrated – that is usually the central focus on the Budget for all salaried people. What if there is a proposal to completely abolish income tax? Seems impossible?

New phenomenon wipes out $ 1 trillion from global markets in just 15 days
A new word has been coined to explain a phenomenon that’s already wiped out over $ 1 trillion from the US bond market and threatens to burst the global bond bubble, with major consequences across global debt and equity markets. The MSCI Emerging Markets Equity Index slid over 6% in just 15 days, starting a day after the US voted in its new President, and Indian markets too fell in tandem. The word that every market needs to now get familiar with: Trumpflation.

  Do your clients know about this unique demonetization solution?
Demonetization continues to grab media headlines day after day, as realization grows that the common man’s strife is going to take longer than envisaged. In all the din and noise around shortage of new notes and length of bank queues, one solution that is going relatively unnoticed is a global first pioneered by India – the Unified Payment Interface.

Is RBI signalling lower growth as our new normal?
Dr. Patel made the case for the rate cut on the grounds that India’s “real neutral rate” needs to come down from the earlier 1.5 – 2% to a new range of 1.25 – 1.5%. What exactly is this new dynamic we are being exposed to and why has it to drop? Why do some experts suggest that RBI is perhaps acknowledging a lower economic growth rate as our new normal?

  GST: great for economy but bad for advisors?
After a long and hard struggle the Goods and Services Tax - GST, has become a reality. GST is seen as the biggest economic reform since 1991, and has been welcomed by media and economists as a game changer for the country. But, is what is good for the economy actually bad news for a whole range of service providers including mutual fund distributors and financial advisors?

The elephant in the room
Current Conversations delves deeper into one market conversation, to get you up to speed with why noted economists and market experts believe that its not the Fed, its not Brexit, its not China – the elephant in the room which can spoil the market party – and one which few want to recognize as the biggest threat – is the fragile state of European banks

  Has RBI got its policy focus wrong, as alleged?
In the weeks before Dr. Rajan finally ended all speculation about a second term for himself as the RBI Governor, there was a heated debate – many believe politically motivated – about his policies and their suitability for India. One policy in particular that came under sharp attack was India’s formal adoption of an explicit inflation target in Feb 2015.

Guaranteed loss over 10-year period. Issue oversubscribed.
Which rational investor will invest money into a zero interest bond that promises a guaranteed loss over a 10 year holding period? In today’s topsy-turvy financial world, there are plenty of investors flocking towards such instruments, resulting in these issues getting quickly oversubscribed.

  An exciting new win-win-win-win initiative
Here’s a heads-up on an exciting new win-win-win-win Government initiative which has significant near term and long term benefits for consumers, for industry, for stock markets and for the environment.

The new financial game that’s boosting share prices
US stock markets continue their relentless march upwards, on the back of encouraging earnings growth. But are earnings actually growing or are they being artificially boosted by clever financial engineering? There’s a new game that has caught the imagination of US corporates – share buybacks.

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