Alternate Investments

  How about investing in a new expressway?
Shares and bonds are familiar territory, so are mutual funds that invest in them. But roads, ports and commercial buildings? How do you go about owning a part of a road? And why? Welcome to the world of InvITs – a variant of REITs that invest in rent yielding commercial properties.

Make money whichever way the market goes
Equity fund managers have strong convictions on merits of individual stocks – and their convictions may be well placed – but they are powerless to turn the tide of markets. What if you were able to leverage a fund manager’s convictions in stocks but cut out market risk completely, to try and make money on these convictions – irrespective of the way markets go? Is that at all possible? Yes indeed – and such products are red hot the world over. Welcome to the world of market neutral strategies or long/short investing.

  What is Mezzanine Financing?
What do promising companies do when they have already exhausted standard bank finance and are already listed on the exchange, but still have some inadequacy of finance to fund their expansion or attractive acquisition venture in a very short period of time?

SEBI's new crowdfunding platform
What is the new crowdfunding platform that SEBI proposes to introduce? How will HNI investors benefit from it? How will it help start-ups? Why should financial advisors keep tabs on this new initiative?

  What are PE funds?
What are PE funds?

What are REITs? How are they different from other real estate funds?
What are REITs? How are they different from real estate funds?

  A structured product for bullish investors
Why is a Vanilla Call on Nifty without Protection seen as a structured product for bullish investors?

What is a Yield Enhancer – Contingent Coupon?
What is a Yield Enhancer - Contingent Coupon? How does it work? In what circumstances will it be beneficial?

  What are structured products?
What are structured products? How do they work? Who buys them and why? Are structured products good or bad for investors?