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  What is GST and why is it impacting the market so much?
What exactly is this GST bill that is being debated in Parliament? How will it influence the economy? How can one taxation law become a big economic growth driver? Why is the market getting so worried about its fate?

FDI – the real story and its implications on the economy
India has been ranked this year as the No 1 FDI destination in the world, beating China and the US. Does this mean “Make in India” is a resounding success? Does this mean an imminent revival of the investment cycle, on the back of huge foreign investments in Indian manufacturing? Is this a time for celebration or are the celebrations a bit premature?

  Will two successive bad monsoons derail India’s growth story?
2014 and 2015 have seen weak monsoons: not since 1987-88 has India witnessed two successive years of bad monsoons. How bad was this year’s monsoon? What impact will it have on agriculture? What impact can it have on the rural economy? And how badly will two successive weak monsoons dent the India growth story?

What is an investment cycle and why is it so critical?
What is the Investment Cycle? What drives it? How is it important for economic growth? What are the long term trends in India? Where in the cycle is India’s economy now? What are analysts saying about the revival of the investment cycle?

  What’s the commodity super cycle and how does it impact us?
What is the commodity super cycle that’s so much in the news these days? How is it different from a regular economic cycle? What triggers super cycles? Where in the super cycle are we now? And what implications does this hold for our economy and markets?

Lessons from an economic powerhouse reduced to junk status
In September 2015, the ratings agency S&P downgraded Brazil from investment grade to junk. How did one of the fastest growing economies of the world get to such a position? How can an economy that achieved full employment, and which has over $ 300 Bn in forex reserves become “junk”?

  Interest rates: To cut or not to cut
Come September end, will the Reserve Bank of India cut rates? Or will it hold? What are the factors affecting this important decision? How will it impact the economy? Even as the market speculates on this, we examine the factors that are weighing in the mind of RBI Governor – which serves as a very useful context on what goes into making decisions on cutting or raising interest rates in the economy

When does a recession become a depression?
As global growth stalls, many countries are perhaps heading towards a recession. But, there’s a bigger worry than just a recession - and that's depression. What is a depression in economic terms? How is it different from a recession?

  China’s economy: soft or hard landing?
Is the Chinese economy tanking? Is the much hyped soft landing turning out to be a trifle too hard? Is a recession around the corner? How will it affect other economies in the region? Will the Chinese economy recover? What about China is actually rattling global markets so much?

What are payment banks and how will they impact distributors?
Last Wednesday, RBI gave the nod for setting up 11 Payments Banks. What is a Payment Bank? How does it differ from a regular or universal bank?

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