Estate Planning

  Is Estate Duty coming back in India?
In the final piece of this series, we cover an aspect which could become a gamechanger in estate planning in India – the possible reintroduction of estate duty. Jayant Sinha talked about it in 2014, and every pre Budget chatter since then has included a conversation on the merits and disadvantages of reintroducing estate duty. A Government that is increasingly displaying socialistic tendencies may well be tempted to bring this “rich tax” back. We examine the contours of the erstwhile estate duty in India and the current state of play of estate and inheritance taxes in key global jurisdictions.

Estate planning for your transnational client families
In this series on Estate Planning, we have discussed a range of aspects relevant for individuals and businesses, from a domestic perspective. Increasingly however, your clients have transnational families – where one generation lives in India and the next abroad, or when your clients move between India and overseas through their careers. Estate planning for such transnational client families adds a whole new dimension – and this article seeks to provide advisors an overview of the issues involved in such cases.

  Succession planning for your businessmen clients
In this series on Estate Planning, we have discussed a range of aspects relevant for individuals – including wills, other forms of ownership transfer and trusts. There is however an additional dimension when it comes to estate planning for businessmen – and that is succession planning for the business.

Setting up trusts: basics that advisors need to know
If the decision for a client is to set up a trust, as an advisor, there are a few basics you must know to ensure that you put your client in the right direction. Its not enough for you to simply contact a lawyer for this – you need a basic understanding of what is involved in setting up a trust, the different types and structures of trusts and the circumstances when each one may be more appropriate. That is what will enable you to make sure that your client is getting what is really the most suitable solution for him.

  Wills vs trusts: how should you choose the right option?
Trusts are usually a central part of estate planning in countries which have estate duties. Are trusts really relevant in India, when we can gift our assets during our time to the next generation without any tax liability and when transmission of assets through a will can happen without attracting taxes? The fourth article in this series on estate planning will give you some perspectives on when to choose trust structures for your clients, and the benefits of trusts in certain typical scenarios.

Common estate planning mistakes advisors must avoid
In the third part of this series, we discuss common misconceptions around estate planning and common mistakes that investors make when creating wills. Helping your clients steer clear of these misconceptions and mistakes will enable them to bequeath their assets as they intend, without creating confusion and bad blood that so often marks transfer of assets from one generation to the next.

  Estate planning: Will vs joint ownership vs beneficial transfer
In this, the 2nd article, we take you through the forms of estate planning and the pros and cons of each one. How will you decide whether to recommend a will or joint ownership or beneficial transfer or a trust? Read on to understand.

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